Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday night skanking, Saturday afternoon naps, and other deliciousness.

So after aquiring the coveted childcare for the evening, last night I went along with Jeremy to his show at Kings Barcade in Raleigh.  I brought Caroline along with me (she hadn't been to downton Ral yet, and had never seen Jeremy play out either, so she was excited to come along).  The 'Bishops opened up for Bull City Syndicate.  We had dinner at some bar and grill close to my work, then beer (I had the beer, Jeremy had dessert because he's the sweetest, and he needs to keep his sugar levels up, and Caroline had a not so obnoxiously large glass o' wine) with the rest of the band at The Oxford Gastropub about a blockish from Kings.  Gastropub = a bar with really expensive food, in case you wonder.

After pre-show festivities, it was time to rock.  By the time we got there, there was already a decent crowd.  The 'Bishops blew everyone's faces clean off, and Caroline, Mollie (my Archbishops show dancing buddy who I'm fairy certain is either on a Redbull drip or insane) and I danced til we spilt our drinks and our hair got all fluffy and unmanagable.  A few more friends of Jeremy and I came out--Mindy and John, and Jerry (the ex trumpet player) actually made it out as well.  He's grown a beard, and I fully endorse it. 

Anywaysies, after the 'Bishops were the much anticipated headliner, the Bull City Syndicate.  Everyone in the 'Bishops and myself were super excited to see them, as we'd all heard how tight they were, and we were all looking forward to some horn blasty soul goodness.  They were in fact very tight, but gave less of a performance than I thought they would (stage presence-wise), and halfway through their set, us and the staff were the only folks left.  Mayhaps they were feeding off the non-crowd.  But we all had a blast, and we all got home safe and I hit the bed and slept like they weren't going to make anymore.

We got up this morning leisurely, and moseyed off to get the love of our lives, who'd been having magical fun times at Aunt Melody and uncle Tim's.  She is an angel wrapped in the sweetest dream, rolled in marshmellows and sprinkled with awesome.  She was very excited to see us, as always, and I swaer that child grows an inch everytime I take my eyes off her more than 12 hours.  We got home, and Zoe and I drifted off the napland while Jeremy held down the fort in awakeland.  Then we got up and had lunch, Jeremy went to bed (he's working tonight. Poopy), and off went Zoe and me to procure foodstuffs for the week.  For fuck's sake, organic produce is retardly expensive.  Doesn't that pesticide costs lots of money to make and spray?  Jesus.  So we spent lots of moneys and headed home to stow away our bounty, watch Jonah (can someone tell me why Jonah has a British accent in bible times in the middle of Israel??) and make dinner.  We had a salad of mixed greens, lemon chicken, carrots, cucumbers and cheese crumbles.  Yum yum. Zoe had mostly ranch dressing with a few bits of chicken and cheese, and one carrot string dangling from her mouth.  'I'm master Shifu!'.  God, I love her.

She's in bed, Jeremy's fed, coffeed and off to work, and I'm straight chillin' in the tub.  Not a bad Saturday.  Although it always sucks going to sleep without Jeremy.   :/ Being awake without Jeremy kinda isn't great either.  Hmph.  Tomorrow is Sunday (derp), and then Monday will be my first delicous day of not being at work.  I am so freaking excited to be off on Mondays, I just can't tell you how bad I am at work/life balance.  Or any sort of balance, for that matter.  Being a Virgo/Rooster/masochist, I plan on cleaning the house on Monday.  If I were a dwarf, I'd be the one who works all the time.  Wasn't there one like that? What was his name?  I don't know. Let's call him Worky. That's me.

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